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Financial Planning Disclosure and Agreement Sample (Form FPDA) 

CFP Board is providing this sample disclosure document and agreement (Form FPDA) to assist you in satisfying the requirements of Rules 1.2, 1.3 and 2.2 of the Rules of Conduct, which require CFP® certificants to provide specific information and disclosures to prospective clients and clients prior to entering into an agreement to provide financial planning services. If applicable, references to similar questions in your Form ADV are provided for guidance.

Part I:  Contact Information for Parties to the Agreement [See Rules 1.3 and 2.2(d)] 

  1. Client’s Name and Contact Information [Form ADV Part 1, Item 1]
  2. Certificant and Employer’s (if applicable) Contact Information

Part II: Services to be Provided

  1. Describe the services to be provided under this Agreement with the Client [See Rule 1.3(d)] [Form ADV Part 1A, Item 5.G. Form ADV Part II, Item 1.A., 1.D., Item 4.A., 4.B., and 4.C. Item 10, Item 11.A. and 11.B. give general information on the services you offer clients. Don’t forget to provide a specific list of the services you provide to this particular client.] 
  1. Describe the obligations and responsibilities of each party with respect to: [See Rule 1.2(a)]  [Be sure the services you plan to provide to your Client are allowed (or not prohibited) in your Form ADV.]
    1. Defining goals, needs and objectives
    2. Gathering and providing appropriate data
    3. Determining the results if no changes are made to the client/prospect’s current course of action
    4. Determining recommendations and possible changes to the current course of action
    5. Determining implementation responsibilities
    6. Determining monitoring responsibilities
  1. Description of other professionals and/or firms the certificant may work with to provide the necessary services listed under this agreement [See Rule 1.2(d)]  [Form ADV Part 1.A., Schedule D, Section 5.3(2), Section 7.A., Section 7.B. Form ADV Part II, Item 8., Item 12.B., Item 13.A. and 13.B.]

Part III: Material Information Relevant to the Relationship

  1. Sources of Compensation [See Rule 2.2(a)]
    1. Describe how the certificant and/or certificant’s employer are compensated for the services provided [See Rule 2.2(a)] [Form ADV Part 1A, Item 5.E., Item 6.B.(3), Part II, Item 9.A., 9.B., 9.C., 9.D., and 9.E., Item 13.A. and13.B., ]
  1. Describe costs incurred that may be charged separately to the client [See Rule 2.2(a)] [This is probably defined in your client agreement.]
  1. Describe other sources of [direct or indirect] compensation received but not yet listed. Include source(s) and terms for receipt of compensation (i.e., 12b-1 fees; soft dollars; etc.) [See Rule 2.2(a)]
  1. Include compensation that any affiliate or affiliated entity to the certificant or certificant’s employer may receive under the terms of this agreement [See Rule 1.2(b)] 
  1. Conflicts of Interest [See Rule 2.2(b)] [Form ADV Part 1, Item 8.A., 8.B., 8.C. and 8.d., Item 9.A., 9.B., 9.C., and 9.D., Item 12.B., Item 13.A. and 13.B. ]
    1. Describe the conflicts of interest the certificant or certificant’s employers (including affiliates and affiliated entities) may have [See Rule 2.2(b)] 
  1. Describe the limitations placed on products, services and/or solutions the certificant may recommend under this agreement. These limitations may be caused by the relationship the certificant has with his/her employer or a limitation on products the certificant may offer, as examples [See Rule 1.2(c)]
  1. Describe other material information relevant to the professional relationship that the client should know before making an informed decision [See Rules 2.2(b) and 2.2(e)]

Part IV: Additional Information

This agreement is effective as of the date signed below and will last in duration until

.[See Rule 1.3(b)] To terminate the agreement, [list terms each party may follow to terminate the agreement]. [See Rule 1.3(c)]  You are encouraged to review the information contained in this disclosure form and ask the certificant any questions you may have. [See Rule 1.2] Should any material changes occur to this information, updated information will be provided to you in a reasonable time frame. [See Rule 2.2]  As a CFP® certificant, I acknowledge my responsibility to adhere to the standards established in CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct, including the duty of care of a fiduciary, as defined by CFP Board. [See Rule 1.4]   If you become aware that my conduct may violate the Standards, you may file a complaint with CFP Board at www.CFP.net/complaint.